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Spring Valentine by KatRaccoon
Spring Valentine
A special Valentine's Day commission. :) Oh man, I am such a sap for cutesy stuff like this, I think I'm going to get a heart attack. Pretty proud of how this came out!
Kobolds desktop wallpaper by KatRaccoon
Kobolds desktop wallpaper
This commission took me for-EV-er! I'm not accustomed to drawing out a single complex scene like this, so it gave me some much needed training in patience and attention span. However, I think it turned out rather nice. :) Here is the description I was given to create this lovely wallpaper:

"A group of 3 kobolds out for a little mischief rob a merchant's wagon on a road through a forest, or something. The merchant flees the scene, because kobolds are super scary and apparently he was level 1 and couldn't afford guards... I don't know. The kobolds pillage the wagon, carry crates of various goods off into the woods and entertain themselves by playing with the merchandise. The merchant returns a short time later with armed backup.

"The scene, then, has the kobold group in the foreground, with a bunch of crates, the tops removed, the contents kind of strewn about the ground. The contents is mostly food and clothes with some other various things interspersed. The kobolds are all wearing various mismatched articles of clothing that they tried on - most of which are far too big for them, and playing with the other stuff they found - maybe one of them is eating something from one of the crates, perhaps two of them are playing a card game or something, maybe one's got some trinket that he found in a crate that he doesn't understand how to use and is misusing in some amusing way, whatever."
Lilacoon sketch by KatRaccoon
Lilacoon sketch
Got bored and decided, "fuck it, gonna make a new character just because I feel like it." 

Don't really have anything hashed out about her yet... but she's a purple goddamn raccoon, and that's pretty much all you need to know.
Comrade Doge by KatRaccoon
Comrade Doge
Commissioned icon. :)

Such commie. So Russia. Wow. (I'm so sorry.)
Cool Siberian Wolf by KatRaccoon
Cool Siberian Wolf
Another commission. :) This guy has no trouble staying cool. He is like the Chester Cheetah of the tundra.
I am tentatively releasing my new website,, to the general public. Please keep in mind that it is still VERY under construction at this point, and there is not much content you won't find here on Deviantart. There are, however, little snippets such as Dog Adventure, which you will not find here, so I suggest you take a look. :)


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Kat Swenski
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Yo. I'm Kat, creator of the Neopets comic, "Just Sit". Feel free to contact me, but I don't use Deviantart that much, so don't be discouraged if you don't hear a reply back from me right away,

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I am in love with your 'behind the gif' comics. :3
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Funny comic strips, hope to see more. ^__^
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